The Webber family took over residence of The Cock House, renaming it Adelphi House, for some 40 years over the turn of the 20th century.  John Henry Webber, Mayor of Grahamstown in the early 1900's and also of settler stock, was responsible for transforming the front of the house with the addition of the beautiful Burmese teak and trellis work verandah.





John and Emily Webber celebrated their Golden Wedding here in 1919 with all their surviving children and their families.  A relative, Mrs Phelp, who lived here as a child with her grandmother Emily and two spinster aunts, Amy and Albina, gave us a fascinating insight into the house as it was then (early 1930's).  Still the original plot bordered by Wilcox and Retief Streets, there was a sweeping driveway and tennis court where the self-catering flats are now located.  The original stable (rooms 1 and 2) provided garaging.  Next to this was a fodder room and stable for the horses.  Where room 4 is now, Aunt Albina held Baptist Sunday School meetings.

Amy was a gifted musician and taught violin and piano in the music room (now our office and kitchen).  The "Ladies" was the original bathroom with tin bath and wood-fueled geyser.  Our drawing room was their parlour and the dining room was divided into two rooms.  The original kitchen is now our breakfast room.  Albina was semi paralysed and the ground floor was adapted to enable her to move around in her wheelchair.

Very pleasant and efficient accommodation. Food very good. Everyone was good, Pam, Jessica to mention. Keep it up!
Malcolm Jack, South Africa, January 2012
Absolutely wonderful stay. Thank you to all the staff, in particular Jessica and Oswald for repeatedly going the extra mile to make our stay great!
Mrs Michele Holland, , April 2012
Die beste voelhuis in Suid Afrika!
Pieter Dirk Uys "Evita Se Perron", Darling, Apr 1997